Oshinstar Talent Recommendation Rules

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The Oshinstar referral program allows existing Oshinstar talent to refer other talent. By referring they will have the opportunity to earn a reward, a credit bonus for each new talent that downloads Oshinstar and logs in through the invitation link or code. You may copy and share the invitation link as many times as you wish. These rules are part of our Terms of Use. To participate in our referral program, you must agree to these rules.

How does it work?

Existing Oshinstar talents can refer a talent by sending a referral link through their profile. The talent gets $0.25 in bonus credit for each user who signs up for Oshinstar with the submitted link.

The money will be deposited into the Oshinstar account once the invited talent has their account verified.


  • If a new talent does not sign up via a referral invitation link, there is no way to retroactively apply the bonus.

  • Once the talent is launched, they have 30 days to reach the referral bonus requirements. At the end of this 30-day period, we will review the talent's page and determine eligibility for the referral bonus.

  • The bonus payment may be delayed up to 30 days because we perform a manual review to prevent fraud.

  • The referral rate is determined at the time the talent registers. This rate is subject to change at any time.

  • An account can only use one referral link. This means that if a talent receives multiple links, only the referrer of the link they use to sign up will receive the bonus.

  • This referral program is not available to talent who intend to fund a single publication. It is intended for talents who will continue with ongoing funding after the first month.

  • The link can be copied and pasted into any website, blog or social media.

Inviting Talent

You may only share referral links with friends or other personal connections who would appreciate being invited to Oshinstar. You may not post the link on a public site or distribute it to people you do not know. We will also remove referral rewards for talents who attempt to refer themselves. Some examples of good referrals:

  • Your friends.

  • Your family.

  • Anyone you have talked to in real life that you think needs to be on Oshinstar.

  • A small private group on your social networks where you know everyone who can access your posts.

  • Someone you've worked with on a creative project and think would be a good fit for Oshinstar.

Some examples of bad referrals:

  • Leveraging someone else's publication and promoting the program as a way to get free money.

  • Paying for an advertisement on a social network advertising your Oshinstar page to the world.

  • Bulk emailing strangers.


Any abuse of this referral program is a violation of our Terms of Use. We may take action against the account as described in the terms. We may also remove any bonus added to an account as a result of abuse or recover the value of the bonus from other processed pledges.

Changes and termination

We reserve the right to make changes to this referral program, the referral fee and these rules at any time. We may also terminate this referral program or any user's participation in the program at any time for any reason.

These rules are part of our Terms of Use. To participate in our referral program, you must agree to these rules.

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