Last update: September 2021


At Oshinstar, we are committed to maintaining an inclusive environment and fostering diversity in our community. Inclusion is important to us because when people feel integrated, they feel more comfortable expressing themselves authentically, creating and sharing content, and interacting with others. A truly inclusive platform means creating tools for all its members. Our cross-functional teams collaborate with our community of talent, fans, businesses and other users around the world, as well as organizations and advocates for people with disabilities to help us ensure that Oshinstar is accessible to all.

Current accessibility features

We are working to make Oshinstar more accessible to everyone. Below are some of the features we have launched to improve accessibility for users.

Option and warning for photosensitive people

Viewers can exclude videos with creative effects that could be harmful to those suffering from photosensitive epilepsy or light-induced migraines. Warning messages about specific effects that could cause a photosensitive epileptic seizure are also displayed.


Text-to-speech conversion converts written text into a voice-over that is played at the same time as the text appears in the content. This feature is especially useful for blind or visually impaired users.

Static thumbnails

Oshinstar features thumbnails of static video images. This is helpful for users who are sensitive to flickering images.

Content, functionality and third-party applications

At Oshisntar we are committed to providing the best possible accessibility for all our users.

We encourage developers to follow best practices in designing and developing applications that are accessible. We always ask users and third-party developers to consider accessibility when creating tools and content. However, we do not have 100% control over the accessibility of content, features or applications that external users create using our API and are not responsible if they provide inaccessible tools or content.

Contact us at

If you have any questions or concerns regarding accessibility, please send us an email to with "Accessibility for the disabled" in the subject line, so that we can make the adaptations that are in our hands. If you want to modify, delete or move information, please write us at and explain your accessibility needs so we can offer you the possible adaptations for your privacy request.

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