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Who is this guide for and what is it for?

This guide is intended as a tool to help you, parents and guardians, to learn more about Oshinstar in terms of the features available, both to enjoy the platform and to promote the well-being of your teenage sons and daughters, ensuring their privacy and safety. It will also help them decide if they can have their own profile on Oshinstar, as well as supervise them.

In general, we recommend playing an active role in your teen's online experience and maintaining an open dialogue with them about their online safety and privacy. Your personal guidance is very important and will shape their habits for a better online future.

Meet the platform and its first steps

Oshinstar is a platform that provides all its talents, fans, companies, professionals from different sectors and amateurs from all over the world with an organized and efficient creative space, as well as offering the possibility of belonging to a safe and supportive community. To accompany the people in your care, it is important to know the application, its options, possibilities and limitations.

Try it out and be part of the experience.

We recommend that you download the Oshinstar application or create your own account on the web and use Oshinstar, if you involve your child in it, the experience will be much more positive. It will be really helpful if you take this step for a better accompaniment of your child. Try it out and invite other parents to do the same and try the social options together.

Also note that Oshinstar has special restrictions for minors depending on their ages, with the possibility to enter different settings for ages 13-15 and 16-17. So, if you register as an adult, your experience, the features available and the possibilities of use offered by the application will be different, depending on the age of the minor creating the account.

Create and/or set up your child's account with your child's help and involvement.

When creating your child's account, we recommend that you do it together with your child, check the privacy settings, both initially and periodically.

Know and use the parental control options.

The parental control options will help both you and your child make the use of Oshinstar fit what you want and expect from this platform. Adjust them dynamically according to your experiences and needs.

What is Oshinstar?

Oshinstar is a platform that facilitates the opportunity to connect with companies, professionals, talents, artists from different sectors and fans at any time and anywhere in the world. Opening the doors to a solid network of contacts to strengthen relationships with other professionals.

Its mission is to provide an organized and effective creative space with the right tools to develop and evolve the potential skills of its talents and/or other users.

It is also defined as an entertainment platform that gives you the possibility to belong to a safe and supportive community, where you can show your talents and/or search for them in a satisfactory way, as well as a tool that will serve you to find trained profiles, projects or companies to do business with or promote your services, products or knowledge about different industries in the art world.

What is the minimum age to have an Oshinstar account?

The minimum age to register with Oshinstar is 13 years old and all accounts of users between the ages of 13 and 15 are automatically private. Until you reach the age of majority, some features are restricted for users between the ages of 13 and 15 and users between the ages of 16 and 17.

How does Oshinstar provide increased safety at the youngest ages?

To ensure the safety and protection of the youngest users, among other actions, Oshinstar incorporates, depending on age, additional protective measures of two types. On the one hand, the elimination of certain functions and, on the other hand, the establishment of more restrictive default settings.

What does it mean to have a certain default configuration?

When an account is created, automatically, i.e. by default, different parameters (configurable options) acquire a certain value or status. The functionalities allow parents and children to decide how they want their Oshinstar experience to be and highlight the value of teaching responsible behavior in the digital environment.

What does it mean that an account is private?

It means that only users who have been accepted as followers will be able to follow that account and view the videos it posts.

What does the "recommend your account to others" feature mean?

It means that Oshinstar will be able to suggest other users to follow your account.

What does the concept of "friends" in the settings mean?

Accounts that follow each other are considered "friends".

Default settings and features available according to age.


Private account:

With a private account, only users you approve will be able to follow you and see or hear your creations. This will not affect your current followers.


Recommend your account to others:

Choose whether you want your account to be suggested to other users, including your Oshinstar friends, contacts and other users you probably, know.


Search your contacts


Personalization and data

Advertising Authorization:

Allows external advertisers to use your videos in their ads.



Allows downloading of your videos


Who can send you direct messages


Who can see the videos you like


Who can comment on your videos


How to get started with Oshinstar?

The most common and versatile use of Oshinstar is by installing the app on your mobile phone and creating a profile. cell phone and creating a profile. For this registration process, it is sufficient to provide the date of birth, a cell phone number and an email address.

When a new user creates an Oshinstar account, he or she must pass an access control implemented by the platform based on the user's date of birth, so that if the date entered is If the date entered indicates that the user is under the age of 13, a notification will alert the user that the account cannot be created. the impossibility of creating the account.

Once these data have been provided, it will be necessary to choose the name under which we want to appear in the app. appear in the app. Neither a photograph nor a short description of my profile is necessary. It is important to preserve in any case personal data to protect, as far as possible, privacy. privacy as much as possible.

Limited Individual Account

Oshinstar offers two types of accounts: Individual and Business. When a minor creates an Oshinstar account, they will be linked to a Limited Individual account by default.

The Limited Individual account is an ideal account for children between the ages of 13 and 17 who have an Oshinstar account managed in Parental Mode.

As a minor, some features are disabled by default, with limited access to Oshinstar features.

Setting privacy options and their effects

After an individual limited account has been created, privacy settings should be reviewed and configured to suit personal needs and expectations. In any case, when using Oshinstar for the first time or preparing for use by a young person, it is recommended that you maintain privacy settings that limit interactions to people you trust. Later, if desired, you can modify the limitations and test the effects of the different possibilities of publication and interaction that Oshinstar allows.

The main configurable options and functions are presented below:

Private account

By setting up the account, only approved users will be able to follow and view content. and view the content. You can learn more about privacy in our Privacy Policy.

Even if the account is private, the profile picture or avatar, cover photo and profile presentation will always be public, visible.

Define who can see your content

You can define who can see your content on an individual basis, both at the time of at the time of publication and once they have already been published.

  • Oshinstar Members: All people that have an Oshinstar account.

  • Everybody: Also people who are not signed in and find you through search engines (e.g. google, bling).

  • Your followers: Only people directly connected to you on Oshinstar will be able to see this.

  • Private: Only you, and people that give the access.

  • Share privately

In this way it is possible to have a public profile and, at the same time, to share certain content with a limited audience.

Define what other people can do with your content.

Enable or disable various interaction or sharing options separately.

  • Allow comments

  • Allow sharing your content

Blocking and reporting options

As in all digital platforms where there are people connected, interacting and uploading content, we may encounter and can upload content, we may encounter unwanted or uncomfortable situations. uncomfortable.

Blocking an account

Users who have private accounts can remove other users from their followers. users. If you do not want someone to have any possibility of contact or interaction with the contents of your account, you have the option to block them. interaction with the contents of your account, you have the option to block.

To unblock the user, perform the same steps and tap on "Unblock", which can also be achieved from the settings of the account itself.

Report a content

Report an account

Where Oshinstar identifies content that violates its Community Standards it will remove it and suspend or ban accounts involved in serious or repeated violations. In cases where there is a threat of imminent harm, it will escalate the situation to the appropriate legal authorities in order to ensure the safety of its community.

How to terminate or deactivate an Oshinstar account?

You can delete your Oshinstar account, whenever you want, but there is no option to get it back if you regret it. You will lose all your profile information, photos, videos, audios, comments, likes and followers you have and if you decide to start again you will do it from scratch completely, with nothing added.

Therefore, we propose two options:

  • Temporarily Disable

  • Account Delete Account

You can temporarily deactivate your Oshinstar account or you can delete your Oshinstar account permanently. The difference between the two is that if you temporarily deactivate it nothing will be deleted. You will be able to disappear for a while if you want to take a vacation but when you come back everything will remain as it was.

If you delete it, all your content will be permanently deleted. Therefore, it is important that you are absolutely sure that you prefer to delete the account rather than temporarily deactivate it.

Prohibited contents in Oshinstar

The Community Guidelines, which must be accepted by Oshinstar users in order to have a profile and post content to have a profile and post content, state, among other things, what content is not allowed on the application, including the following categories allowed in the application, among which are the following categories:

  • Dangerous people and organizations

  • Illegal activities and regulated goods

  • Graphic and violent content

  • Suicide, self-harm and dangerous acts

  • Incitement to hatred Intimidation and harassment

More information on all prohibited content can be found in the Prohibited Contents document.

Family Synchronization Mode

Oshinstar has a 'Family Synchronization Mode' that allows, once the adult and child accounts are linked, to make all changes and settings remotely on the account of the child involved.

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