Development of compliance control policies and philosophy

Our approach to policy development and our compliance monitoring philosophy

Oshinstar facilitates the opportunity to connect with companies, professionals, talents, artists from different sectors and fans at any time and anywhere in the world.

Oshinstar opens the door to a strong network of contacts to strengthen relationships with other professionals anywhere in the world.

Occasionally misunderstandings can result that may be offensive, controversial or intolerant. While we welcome everyone to express themselves on our platform, we do not tolerate behavior that uses harassment, intimidation or fear to silence the voice of others.

The Oshinstar Rules exist to help ensure that everyone feels safe expressing themselves, and we strive to enforce them consistently and uniformly.

Our policy development process

Modifying policies or creating new policies requires in-depth research into trends in online behavior, as well as the development of clear external language that defines expectations of what is allowed and the creation of compliance monitoring guidelines that reviewers can apply to the entire community and its creations.

In drafting the policies, we gather input and feedback from a variety of internal teams. This is critical to ensure that we take into account global perspectives around the changing nature of online discourse, as well as how our rules are applied and interpreted in various social and cultural contexts. Finally, we trained our global review teams, updated the Oshinstar Rules and began monitoring compliance with the new policies.

Our compliance control philosophy

We empower people to understand different perspectives on an issue and encourage open discussion of dissenting views and opinions. This approach allows many types of discourse to coexist on our platform and, in particular, encourages counter-discourse. This type of discourse presents facts to correct erroneous statements or perceptions, points out hypocrisies or contradictions, warns about potential consequences in both the online and real environment, denounces dangerous or hate speech, or helps to bring about changes in opinion and dismantle arguments.

Context is therefore important. In determining whether to take enforcement action, we can consider a number of factors, including the following:

  • Whether the behavior is directed at an individual, a group or a protected category of persons.

  • Whether the complainant is the target of the abuse or a witness.

  • Whether the user has a history of non-compliance with our policies.

  • The severity of the non-compliance.

  • Whether the content is a matter of legitimate public interest.

Is the behavior directed at an individual or group of people?

In order to strike a balance between allowing the expression of differing opinions on the platform and protecting our users, we take policy enforcement action when someone reports abusive behavior that is directed at a specific individual or group of people.

Is the complainant the object of the potential abuse or a witness?

Some of the creations may appear abusive when viewed in isolation, but may not be abusive when taken in the proper context. In order to prevent our teams from making mistakes and removing any consensual creations or interactions, we may, in certain circumstances, request a report from the affected user before taking any compliance monitoring action.

Does the user have a history of non-compliance with our policies?

We assume that people do not intentionally break our rules. Unless a violation is so egregious that we must suspend an account immediately, we first try to educate people about our rules and give them an opportunity to correct their behavior. We show and explain to the violator what rule they broke and ask them to remove the content. If a person repeatedly violates our rules, our enforcement measures become more serious. These measures include requiring violators to remove content as well as additional measures, such as verifying account ownership or limiting their ability to use the platform's tools and interaction for a set period of time. If someone continues to violate our rules beyond this point, their account may be permanently suspended.

How serious is non-compliance?

Certain types of behavior can pose a serious safety risk or cause physical, emotional and financial harm to the individuals involved. Such flagrant violations of Oshinstar's rules as posting violent threats, intimate multimedia content without consent, or content that sexually exploits minors will result in immediate and permanent suspension of an account. Other violations may result in a variety of other actions, such as requesting an individual to remove content or temporarily limiting their ability to post any new content.

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