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Creativity has no limits and we don't want to restrict it, but you can't just offer any perk or incentive to fans.

What do we do to enforce these rules?

Most talents want to create something special to share with their fans, but certain perks are not allowed on Oshinstar. To decide what is considered a perk, the Oshinstar Security team conducts a complex analysis that takes into account context to determine what fans are paying for and the value of what they are receiving. We also need to ensure that our rules are followed and that no one is sharing prohibited perks outside of Oshinstar.

That's why the Oshinstar Security team examines each Talent's entire online presence when reviewing perk levels.

Illegal creations and advantages

It is difficult to determine what is legal and what is not, due to the different legislations of each country. For this reason, our policies are designed with a global perspective, not just limited to where you are located. Here are some types of benefits that we do not allow at Oshinstar. In some cases, we may report the account and work with law enforcement to identify the source. Some of the prohibited perks include the following:

  • Images of abuse and sexual representation of minors.

  • Images of human or animal abuse.

  • Access to gambling or gaming products or services.

For more information about the benefits that infringe intellectual property rights, please see our Copyright Policy.

Drugs, medications and supplements

Sometimes, through art, some people want to share their experience in struggling with addictions and explain how they got through it, a way to help others who are going through similar situations. That's all well and good. However, we don't want talents to encourage harmful or dangerous behavior. Therefore, offering as a perk is not allowed:

  • Drugs or paraphernalia for your use.

  • Discounts to purchase drugs, medications or supplements, such as coupons, gift cards or any inducement to purchase or obtain such products.

  • Drugs or dietary supplements, for example, those for weight loss or energy, as well as those offering miracle cures.

  • Books or other educational materials that claim they can help cure illnesses.

Please note that Oshinstar allows creations related to alternative medicine as long as they do not pose a risk to people. As these are very sensitive topics, the Oshinstar team will be thoroughly reviewing publications that touch on these topics.

Weapons and explosives

At Oshinstar we welcome creations on firearms and other types of weapons. However, since we are a global company, there are some restrictions on the advantages you can offer. On Oshinstar it is forbidden:

  • Offer tutorials, instructions or demonstrations on how to make or modify weapons, such as 3D printed designs, home-made firearms and other similar creations.

Labor and sexual services

While nudity as an artistic expression is permitted on Oshinstar, it is limited to only those who follow our Community Guidelines and these Perks Guidelines. There is a subtle difference between creations and experiences, which we explain very well in our Community Guidelines. We do not allow pornography or sexual services to be funded on Oshinstar. Therefore, you may not offer the following benefits:

  • Using Oshinstar to provide access to pornographic material; for example, giving access to a website or private shared space where pornographic works are available, whether on Oshinstar or any other platform. Pornography is defined as real people engaging in sexual acts, such as masturbating or having sex in front of a camera.

  • Offering items intended for sexual gratification or of an intimate nature.

  • Using Oshinstar's payment system to finance escort activity.

  • Offer erotic webcam sessions to your fans.

  • Talents over 18 years old showing real people cannot offer limited advantages to a single fan, for example, personalized audio or video files or an exclusive page for a single person. This doesn't mean you can't run surveys or invite your fans to actively participate in your creative process, but you must provide the perks to a wider group of fans and respect our rules.

What is taken into account here is what your fans pay for. If you don't want to limit your works to adult-only content, we will be happy to guide you on how to maintain a dual presence and monetization on Oshinstar.

Health, hygiene and consumer goods

Creations related to cooking, making your products and health discussions are allowed, but talents cannot offer ingredients or edible items as a perk.

You will be able to apply for a project or job according to your profile, or receive invitations to participate in projects according to your industry, category or acquired skills.

Marketing multinivel y venta directa

Oshinstar is not designed to promote direct sales businesses, but as a space to meet, connect and express yourself through creativity. Products made by talents and sold by direct marketing companies cannot be offered as a benefit on Oshinstar.

Raffles and drawings

You may not require payments for raffles or sweepstakes as part of a perk. In other words, fans must not pay for the chance to win something. This includes lotteries, raffles or even surprise boxes, if the value of the box is not guaranteed.

Your content is yours: we will not use it in our advertising or as promotional material without your permission. All content is subject to review and we reserve the right to refuse to process any content at any time for any reason.

It is your responsibility to comply with these content guidelines. By submitting content to Oshinstar, you agree that you comply with both the rules and the Oshinstar Terms of Use. Merchandising items that explicitly harass or threaten the well-being of an individual or group of people will not be provided. This may include words or images that incite others to commit acts of violence or engage in threatening behavior, such as harassment.

Other things to consider

This list is not exhaustive and may change in the future as new technologies develop and times change. If you have questions about your projects, please contact the Oshinstar Security team by completing it. We'll be happy to help.

This policy is part of the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. For more information, please contact us at

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